The Cost: Why?

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Many times people have asked me:

Why do your sessions cost the amount that they do?

The truth is simple: the cost I present you is the minimum cost that will let me earn a livable wage.

Let me explain--

The photography business is tricky one. Before I was a photographer, I was always surprised at the costs of sessions. Now that I understand all the work that goes into giving you the best images YOU deserve, I thought I would explain the process to you so you understand, just a bit, how convoluted this whole procress really is.

A two-hour session includes not only expensive equipment, software, my experience, and my vision, but often also clothing, props, location renting, makeup artists, and hairstylists that I provide for you. But out of all of those, I surmise you are paying me mostly for my vision and experience/skills, and I appreciate that.

I seek out stories. Tales. Dreams. That moment before you fall asleep, when the world sinks into your skin and possibilities become certainties. 

This means: when I shoot a portrait, I want to capture the you that had a wondrous night of sleep, the you without stress, the you embracing life with an attitude. So, I will remove obvious acne and fix shirts that wrinkled during the shoot, because those things come and go, and they don't represent you. So, I will find ways to make your soul shine. This takes time.

This means: when I shoot a conceptual, I want to light up the part of you that seeks impossibilities, the part of you that makes you weird, makes you wonderful, makes you real. So, I will find a way to incorporate you into fantastical lands. This often includes my purchasing of props and such, and because I never use stocks, I will scavenge and photograph every element of the photo you want to be in. This takes time.

When I work--I am not a perfectionist, but I care about details. I will not change your figure, because I believe you are beautiful, and when you believe that, too, you are. But I will do what I can to make your personality come through. This can mean 6-8 hours of post-processing in addition to the 2 hour photo session itself. This can mean hours of planning, of finding the right stylists, of picking out the right locations, of consulting with you.

When you pay me, you will receive my vision and my conscientious work ethic. I do not ask for what you cannot afford--which is why I offer discounts to low-income families and students--but my prices are what they are because of the time and care I give every single image.

Seconds come and go. But what if there's a second you don't want to let go? I'll help you find that second, and I'll capture it for you. 

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