Diana Chao

Diana Chao is a 20-year-old artist-scientist karaoke-fu champion from southwestern China / southern California with a passion for black sesame ice cream. As an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop with over a decade of experience, her fine art photography illuminates lost stories in fantastical worlds fused with Asian and classical influences drawing upon her Chinese-American heritage. She has previously worked with and been featured by Vogue Italia, Adobe, Redbubble, Pictoplasma, The Blueshift Journal, and exhibited to 80,000 people around the world, including hundreds of thousands more on the Adobe MAX Keynote Stage. For 18 months, she was part of Adobe's Project 1324 platform for emerging artists. 

As a mental health activist, nonprofit founder, speaker, poet, and scientist, Diana doesn't believe in boundaries. She's here to break the mold - are you ready to join in?

Casey Kwok

I loved to mess around with my sister's hair when I was young, but I never thought it could go anywhere. When my high school counselor accidentally put me in a photography class, I suddenly became very interested in photography and met Diana, who is my amazing mentor and, as we're both fascinated by art, I became the hairstylist and assistant during her photoshoots.

I love being involved in these shoots--I get to do such interesting things with people's hair and watch art come alive.

Moonglass Studios

Founded by Diana Chao, Moonglass Studios was first established as Slivered Moon Photography. With a style that Frost would claim "lovely, dark, and deep," Moonglass Studios aims to capture the dawn of the soul within each photograph. A lover of conceptual/fine art photography, Diana occasionally accommodates shoots for portraiture and commercial purposes. Diana seeks the stories etched into every wrinkle and eyelid and is passionate about bringing those stories to life.


Letrendary is a fashion blog, but it's also so much more.

Letrendary. Legendary--

Like the legend of a map,

or the legend of a folklore,

or simply the legend of fashion.

Letrendary is the joint creation of Diana Chao and Dorothy Kang. It chronicles fashion, world cultures, literature, and everything in between.

Visit it now at www.Letrendary.blogspot.com

Or follow it on Instagram @Letrendary / Tumblr at www.Letrendary.Tumblr.com

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